Chinese Paper Cutting Crafts

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chinese paper cutting crafts

Types of Paper Cutting Crafts

As a traditional folk art, Chinese paper cutting already has a long history since its first appearance. In a word, paper cutting is one kind of paper arts. People use tools like scissors and gravers to cut paper into effective patterns. In China, paper cutting crafts are used to celebrate important festivals as beautiful decorations.

Before paper appeared, Chinese people already can use kinds of materials to do through-carved work. So, it just took a short time that people find how to do paper cutting after paper came out in Tang dynasty.

Because of the maturity of paper industry, paper cutting had a fast development in Song dynasty. It had become a kind of commodities and more and more popular, many folk artists use it to make a life.

Chinese paper cutting arrived its top in Ming and Qing dynasties. Paper cutting crafts can be found everywhere in that time. People use them to decorate their living situation like windows and rooms. And, became the necessary item used in weddings of both common people and the emperor.

The earliest paper cutting is folding paper cutting. It is easy and widely used to make symmetric patterns. After some time, sketch cutting and hand cutting appeared. Each cutting method has its own characteristics.

Chinese paper cutting has its own meanings, generally made up of designs like animals, plants and words. People use these crafts to show their love of life and best wishes to future including healthy, harvest and good luck.

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