How to Order Cotton Bags

Below are the necessary details we need to know to give you a accurate quotation for your order and make the right cotton bags for you. Please follow them one by one.

1. Styles

We provide three kinds of styles for cotton tote bags, one style for cotton drawstring bags and one style for cotton backpacks, please tell us the name of the style you want. If you like other styles not listed here, don't worry, we can make all kinds of cotton bags, just contact us. Attachments for bags are all available here like hang tags, cloth lapel and zipper. Below is the diagrams of our cotton bags styles, please check them.

  • tote bag a style diagram
  • tote bag b style diagram
  • tote bag c style diagram
  • drawstring bag style diagram
  • backpack style diagram
  • custom bag style diagram

2. Sizes

The sizes are customized according to your requirements, please confirm the sizes you need and tell us. You can refer to the above diagrams to know which sizes should be confirmed. If you need long handles for the tote bags, also please tell us the length of handles, the default length is middle type. (H:Height W:Width D:Depth)

3. Colors

The default color of our cotton bags is the natural color of cotton fabric, similar to beige color. If you need, we can make the bags in other colors like white, black, etc.

4. Printing

The cotton bags can be printed with your designs on their surface. If you have designs to be printed, please provide clear pictures of them, the best format is software files like Ai. There are two method for the printing: silk screen printing and heat-transfer printing. Heat-transfer printing is more accurate than silk screen printing, but the cost is higher. Generally, we use silk screen printing to print designs with several solid colors to save money for our customers. But, just heat-transfer printing can print designs with complex colors. Both of sides can be printed, the default is one side printed and the printing area is max on the surface.

5. Materials

There are two kinds of cotton fabric to make the bags: natural common cotton and organic cotton. Both of them have kinds of thickness: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz. Please choose the thickness according to your needing. Compared with natural common cotton, organic cotton is more eco-friendly, grown in totally organic environment, but its cost is much higher. Common cotton bags are suitable for most situations and economic for your badget. If you have to use organic cotton, we can also provide. Default material for the bags is 6oz common cotton fabric.

6. Quantity and Express

At last, please don't forget to tell us the quantity of the cotton bags you want to order, the average production cost is inversely proportional to it. Also, please tell us your address details, then we can sent you the cotton bags after order completed.