History of Cotton Bag and Development

Cotton bags play a very important role in our daily life. They bring a lot convenience to us when we need to carry goods like shopping and eco-friendly to environment.

the history of cotton bag and its development

Cotton canvas fabric is belong to a kind of thick fabrics made from cotton material. Its name are coming from the fact that Vikings used it for sails long time ago. The fabric was also widely used in ancient Roman.

Become Popular

In the 16th century, cotton canvas fabric was taken to American continent by businessmen. Then, cotton bag was becoming more and more popular in the group of adventurers who were in the pursuit of freedom.

In the last century of China, cotton bags with army green color was a very fashionable item, almost everyone wanted to have one.

Now, we have enter a new century, the cotton bags are already not a novelty thing, but they are still widely used in our life because of so many advantages.