how to clean cotton bags

How to clean cotton bags

Cotton bags are widely used in our life, they are generally printed with logos and design, durable and beautiful. Because the material is natural cotton fabric, the bags are easy to be cleaned. But, there are some points we should know to let the bags have long using life.

the maintenance of metal lapel pins

The Maintenance of Metal Lapel Pins

As we know, metal will be oxidized when exposed into common air, the appearance will be broken. Then, there will be a problem: how to keep metal lapel pins for a long time, especially the expensive and meaningful ones.

how to make the lapel pins

How to make the lapel pins

It is a long history since lapel pins appeared in the world. The earliest time in China to use lapel pins is during the Song dynasty. People treat the pins as one kind of identifiable item and generally made from silver material at that time.