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Cotton canvas bags are also called cotton bags or canvas bags according to the different materials used to make them. Generally, we call them canvas bags when the weight of the cotton fabric used is over 10oz. Otherwise, we call them cotton bags. The customized ones are called custom cotton bags or custom canvas bags in the same way. Cotton bags can be divided into different styles including tote bags, drawstring bags and backpacks. The surface of cotton bags is a very good place for printing. Logos can be printed clearly on these bags and almost never fade off. More important thing is cotton bags are eco-friendly, people like to use them in their daily life. Because of above reasons, many companies use printed cotton canvas bags with their logos to pack products. Cotton canvas bags are also widely used in kinds of promotions, and really did a good job. Tuoder is a professional custom cotton canvas bags manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable printed cotton bags supplier and wholesale cotton bags at low cost, we are the best choice for you!


cotton tote bags

Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags are one kind of the most popular bags used in our life. These tote bags are made of high quality natural cotton canvas fabric, the raw material is from plants, no any harm to our environment. Today, most countries in the world are recommending their people to use eco-friendly bags such as cotton bags to instead of plastic ones. Because, we just have one earth and it has been polluted deeply especially the white pollution. Besides the special meaning to our environment, cotton canvas bags are very durable and easy to be cleaned. They can be used for years and their surface are very suitable for printing. Colorful designs like logos can be printed on the tote bags and people like to use cotton made bags. These lead them to be a very good promotional product, can bring an effective years promotion.

cotton drawstring bags

Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cotton drawstring bags are a perfect choice when you need bags to pack goods like jewelry, shoes and gifts. Because made of natural cotton fabric, you needn’t worry these bags will bring any bad effect on the goods you packed. Quite the contrary, cotton drawstring bags can bring your customers a good feeling of green and healthy. Details of these drawstring bags all can be customized like sizes, colors and printing. It is very easy to get the cotton drawstring bags you want, just let us know your requirements, then we can make them for you. Because of these reasons, cotton drawstring bags are especially suitable to be the packages of products about sports, health, cloth and so on. All of the cotton bags we provide are totally a green product including the drawstring bags, almost everyone likes them. Their surface can be printed with logos or other designs to promote your business, company and service. We provide both colorful cotton bags and plain cotton bags, printed or just blank.

cotton drawstring backpacks

Cotton Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks bring a great way for us to carry goods. The material of these backpacks is natural cotton canvas fabric. Accordingly, we can call them cotton drawstring backpacks. Cotton drawstring backpacks are very durable and easy to be cleaned when the backpacks are dirty. Don’t like other ones, these backpacks just need a little space to be placed when you don’t use them. Even, some pockets on your clothes are big enough to place these backpacks. Cotton drawstring backpacks are generally used in sports activities to carry necessary things like water bottles, maps, food and so on. Sometimes, we can see little children use them to carry books and playthings to go to their schools. Just like some other cotton made bags, cotton drawstring backpacks provide a big surface for printing, designs can be printed on them for promotions.

Custom Details

The sizes are customized according to your requirements, please confirm the sizes you need and tell us. You can refer to the bag styles to know which sizes should be confirmed. If you need long handles for the tote bags, also please tell us the length of handles, the default length is middle type. (H:Height W:Width D:Depth)

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