Custom Fabric Wristbands

According to their different logo types, custom fabric wristbands can be divided into two types: logo printed ones and logo woven ones. Both of them are made from high quality polyester material. The processes to make fabric wristbands are almost same as to make custom lanyards. Compared with custom lanyards, fabric wristbands are thinner and shorter and have different attachments. By using different clips, custom fabric wristbands can be used for just one time or no limited times. Event holders generally send these custom wristbands to participants as the identification. For example, you can easily find fabric wristbands on the wrists of fans in exciting music festivals.


Fabric wristbands are made up of two parts: a fabric band and a closure. The standard band sizes of our fabric wristbands are 350Lx15W mm.

For one-time Use

Fabric wristbands for one-time use is a good method to provide more security for your event, help you to control the crowd effectively. One-time use closures on these wristbands can guarantee one people one wristbands. The closures can’t be moved after set on the wristbands. And, fabric security wristbands are durable, can’t be broken just by hands.

one time use

For reusable use



Please send us your designs to be printed or woven on the wristbands. We accept all kinds of document and picture format like .jpg, .png, .ai and so on. If you want to sent us pictures and photos, please confirm they are clear enough to show all details.

Designs are showed on the bands and the closures help you to fix the bands. After confirmed the design, you should choose the way to show it on the fabric wristbands. There are two ways, one is print, another is wove, free to choose.

Where to use

No matter it is a country festival or a music festival, it is a good idea to use beautiful and attractive fabric wristbands to warm up the celebration and as souvenirs.

Fabric wristbands can play a role of identification just like tickets. But, bring more and better impression on the people who join your party. The crowd can be divided into different groups by wearing different wristbands.

Compared with other wristbands, fabric ones have the advantages including durable, not afraid of water and safe, with the ability of their fabric materials. More important thing is the fabric wristbands can be personalized. The content showed on these wristbands is totally customized through printed method or woven method. By using different locks, they can be with the function of one-time use or no-limited time use, suitable for different places.