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According to their different logo types, fabric wristbands can be divided into two types: logo printed ones and logo woven ones. Both of them are made from high quality polyester material. The processes to make fabric wristbands are almost same as to make custom lanyards. Compared with custom lanyards, fabric wristbands are thinner and shorter and have different attachments. By using different clips, custom fabric wristbands can be used for just one time or no limited times. Event holders generally send these custom wristbands to participants as the identification. For example, you can easily find fabric wristbands on the wrists of fans in exciting music festivals. Tuoder is a professional custom fabric wristbands manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable fabric wristbands supplier and wholesale fabric wristbands at low cost, we are the best choice for you!


printed fabric wristbands

Printed Fabric Wristbands

If you want your designs to be printed on the fabric wristbands, please choose these ones. There are two kinds of fabric materials to make printed wristbands: polyester and smooth ribbon. Designs can be printed on both sides of polyester wristbands or only one side of the smooth ribbon ones. Smooth ribbon wristbands are thinner and more glossy than polyester ones. Both of them are comfortable to wear and have beautiful appearance with printing. Default printed fabric wristbands are made of smooth ribbon.

woven fabric wristbands

Woven Fabric Wristbands

Woven fabric wristbands we provide are all made of high quality polyester material. Designs are sewn into the fabric wristbands by using thousands of threads with different colors. Woven fabric wristbands with one-time use closures can provide a high level of security and attractive appearance at the same time. Not only one-time use closures, reusable ones are also available, showed in the functions. Free to choose them according to the situation where you use the woven wristbands.

Custom Details

Fabric wristbands are made up of two parts: a fabric band and a closure. The standard band sizes of our fabric wristbands are 350Lx15W mm.

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