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According to the materials used, our custom lanyards can be divided into polyester lanyards and nylon lanyards. Designs can be printed or woven on these lanyards through different processes. Printed lanyards are the most common ones, woven lanyards are with high degree personality. All of the custom lanyards we provide are very beautiful and attractive, you will surely get the same feeling when you see them. Custom lanyards for promotions are generally used in events like trading shows. Kinds of attachments are available here, free to choose to customize your lanyards. Tuoder is a professional custom lanyards manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable lanyards supplier and wholesale lanyards at low cost, we are the best choice for you!


printed polyester lanyards

Printed Polyester Lanyards

The most popular ones in all kinds of custom lanyards. Polyester lanyards are very comfortable to wear and can be printed with high quality images, offering the best balance between price and performance, perfect to fit your budget. Our polyester lanyards are made from high-quality and quite durable polyester material which has a strong ability to keep its original shape without any wrinkles. Designs with single or multiple colors can be printed on the surface of custom polyester lanyards. These printed lanyards are stylish, affordable and sure to be a bright spot in promotions.

woven lanyards

Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards have an elegant appearance with crafted texture, are made of high quality polyester material. Designs are sewn into these lanyards by a great many threads with different colors. Because of made by weaving process, woven lanyards are just suitable for the designs with a simple structure, intricate designs can’t be showed very clearly on them. Woven lanyards are durable and washable, you needn’t worry about the graphics and massages will fall off any more.

nylon lanyards

Nylon Lanyards

Made of super durable nylon material which has a smooth and sheen surface. Due to the high quality finish with accurate printing, nylon lanyards are the perfect choice when you are looking for the best lanyards to show company logos. These lanyards are very comfortable for long time wear and the best choice when quality is your primary concern. Slightly thicker than polyester lanyards and much more shiny, nylon lanyards stand out as the class leader among all lanyards.

dye sublimated lanyards

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Dye sublimated lanyards are the best choice for artworks which have many colors, complex structures, gradients, fine lines or other intricate details. Colorful dye will be sublimated on these lanyards through dye sublimation process which is also called heat-transfer printing. Complex designs can be printed over the entire surface of the lanyards by this way. Needn’t worry the dye on the lanyards will rub off or fade any more in the future.

Custom Details

The length is 450mmx2 for the lanyards without buckles, and 420mmx2 + 60mmx2 for the ones with buckles. There are kinds of width: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. You can refer to the below picture about the structure of lanyards. If you want to customize lanyards with other sizes, don’t worry, we can make them for you.

sizes of lanyards

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