Distinguish The Materials of Lanyards

Lanyards are generally made from polyester and nylon material. In the market, the price of nylon material is almost double than polyester material at the same time. The methods to distinguish the materials of lanyards will be very useful for us especially when we want to purchase nylon lanyards. No one want to get polyester lanyards when they have paid for the cost of nylon lanyards. In this paper, Tuoder will teach you how to distinguish the materials.

Four Distinguish Ways

  1. The most accurate method is putting a part of the lanyards into strong acids such as hydrochloric acid for about half an hour under room temperature. Nylon lanyards will be totally dissolved, but polyester lanyards will be not.
  2. The method of washing: In the same situation, the fade of colors will be more obvious on nylon lanyards than polyester lanyards.
  3. You can also try to stretch the lanyards. The nylon lanyards will be elongated, but polyester lanyards will be not.
  4. Nylon lanyards can’t keep burning after ignition. But, polyester lanyards will keep burning and appear black smoke.
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