How To Clean Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are widely used in our life, they are generally printed with logos and design, durable and beautiful. Because the material is natural cotton fabric, the bags are easy to be cleaned. But, there are some points we should know to let the bags have long using life.

If there are not special stains on the cotton bags, you can just use clean water to wet it and then dry it. If there are some stains like oil, you should use detergent and a brush to clean it. There is an effective and simple way to avoid the fade of the colors on the bags. You can add some salt or white vinegar in the water and then put the cotton bag into the water for half an hour, then wash it. Most of cotton bags are with colorful designs printed on them. To avoid the damage of the colors, you can use some neutral detergent in washing the bags.

Dry the bags

To dry the bags, you can use toilet paper cover the surface of the bags to protect the colors. Don’t let the bags be exposed to the sun, the best way to dry it is by the air.

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