How To Make The Lapel Pins

It is a long history since lapel pins appeared in the world. The earliest time in China to use lapel pins is during the Song dynasty. People treat the pins as one kind of identifiable item and generally made from silver material at that time. Today, lapel pins have been used in many field like business, events, promotion and activities. Kinds of lapel pins come out to meet different requirements in the market. Here, we will talk about how to make the lapel pins.


The first process to make these lapel pins is to make a mould according to the design. The mould will be created by a professional machine, it will guarantee the accuracy of the result. Copper is the main material to make the lapel pins, we can get original copper pins using the mould we already have. Attachments will be welded on the back of the lapel pins in next process. Then, we should polish the lapel pins until we get a smooth surface just like a mirror. The following process is plating. We will plate the lapel pins according to customers’ requirements. Before this process, we need wash the pins in acid. At last, the enamel material will be added in the debossed parts. The enamel material will be solidified after filed in the oven. The final process is washing the lapel pins in clean water and then dry them. High quality enamel lapel pins will be created after the processes.


There are two kinds of printing processes can be used to make the printed lapel pins according to different designs. One is call silk-screen printing and another is called off-set printing. Silk-screen printing is suitable for the simple designs with not too much colors. And off-set printing is suitable for the complex designs with many colors, especially for the changed colors. Compared the two printing method, the process for silk-screen printing is more easy and take less time. The production cost of silk-screen printing is also cheaper than off-set printing. We will use silk-screen printing to make the lapel pins with simple designs. For the complex designs, we should take the off-set printing to do the job. Generally, we will add an epoxy dome on these lapel pins, no matter it is silk-screen printed or off-set printed. The function of the dome is to protect the whole design on the surface.

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