Popular Rank of Lanyards

Lanyards are widely used in our daily life. We can find them in places where need to show identification like hospitals, schools and airports. Lanyards also can be used to carry mobile phones, these lanyards are called mobile phone lanyards.

Most Popular Lanyards

Both sides of lanyards can be silk screen printed or dye sublimated with logos and massages. So, the lanyards also can be a very good promotional gift. Companies can send the lanyards to their customers to promote themselves.

But, do you know which type of lanyards is the hottest one and the popular rank of all lanyards? Let’s tell you the result we get from the situation of our sales.

Number one is the printed polyester lanyards. They are attractive, durable and economic. These lanyards meet the most requirements of customers who want to purchase lanyards. Next is nylon lanyards. They are welcome by the people who want quality appearance and value look for their business or events. The third one is woven polyester lanyards, they are filled with personalized ideas, very fashionable. Final one is the dye sublimated lanyards with full color printing.

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