The Maintenance of Metal Lapel Pins

As we know, metal will be oxidized when exposed into common air, the appearance will be broken. Then, there will be a problem: how to keep metal lapel pins for a long time, especially the expensive and meaningful ones.

The Maintenance Method

The right way to maintain metal pins is same as the below steps. Firstly, we should guarantee the metal pins are clean. You can use a clean cloth to remove the dirty things on the surface. If there is already rust on the lapel pins, you can use a brush and tooth paster to get rid of the rust. If the rust is too much, you can use rust remover to do this job. After clean the metal lapel pins, you should to check if there are broken parts on their bodies.

If there are broken parts like gaps, you can use some glue to fix the parts. At the same time, you should pay attention on the amount of glue you use, it can’t be too much.

Now, every lapel pin is just like a new one. Before put them into your store cabinets, you should add the wax on their surface. The wax can protect the metal pins from be oxidized and soften the paint, then there will be no gaps in future, and be shinier.

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