Custom Fabric Wristbands

Fabric Wristbands Wholesale: MOQ is 3000pcs per design for these wristbands. Mixed order available, but quantity should be over 1000pcs for single design. Please see the price in this page or tell us the wristband type you want, the quantity you need and the country we should ship to. Accordingly, we can accumulate the cost and give you the quotation. See how to customize fabric wristbands

Wholesale Price of Fabric Wristbands

custom fabric wristbands

Printed Wristbands (Logo Printed)

3000pcs: 472usd for one side printed; 502usd for both sides printed; Free shipping to Southeast Asia, EU, US

Woven Wristbands (Logo Woven)

3000pcs: 535usd; Free shipping to Southeast Asia, EU, US

According to their different logo types, custom fabric wristbands can be divided into two types: logo printed ones and logo woven ones. Both of them are made from high quality polyester material. The processes to make fabric wristbands are almost same as to make custom lanyards. Compared with custom lanyards, fabric wristbands are thinner and shorter and have different attachments. By using different clips, custom fabric wristbands can be used for just one time or no limited times. Event holders generally send these wristbands to participants as the identification. For example, you can easily find fabric wristbands on the wrists of fans in exciting music festivals. Other custom wristbands available.