Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins we provide can be made of various materials including zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel. According to the different production processes, they can be divided into six types: cloisonne or hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, die struck pins, printed pins, die cast pins and photo etched pins. For generally designs, the moulds of lapel pins are created by the process called die struck. For the complex ones with 3D looking, die cast process can make the moulds. Custom lapel pins are generally needed by organizations and teams as unique items to show who they are.


Please send us the document which can show your design. It can be anything like a photo, a picture or a document created by software like Ai. Even an idea is available, we can work it out. We will make a proof for the lapel pins according to your design or idea, work together with you to get the perfect one which is what you want.


Kinds of metal materials are available in our factory to be made into different lapel pins. We generally use copper or iron to make cloisonne, soft enamel, die struck and photo etched pins. Compared with iron ones, the copper ones have better looking, longer life and not afraid of corrosion, but more expensive. If you like lapel pins with great quality, please choose copper ones. Iron lapel pins are the economic choice for limited budget. Printed lapel pins are generally made from stainless steel and die cast lapel pins are made from zinc alloy. If you want the lapel pins made of other metals, please tell us your requirements to confirm if we can make the pins for you.


Choose the plating for your lapel pins if needed, you can refer to the below picture to compare the effect of each plating whose color will be the surface color.

plating for lapel pins


We provide kinds of attachments for our lapel pins, please choose the one you like and tell us its name. The default attachment is the butterfly clutch.

attachments of lapel pins


Packages for the lapel pins we provide. If you need, please tell us which one, then we can prepare them for you. The default package is the poly bags.

packages of lapel pins