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Custom lapel pins we provide can be made of various materials including zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel. According to the different production processes, they can be divided into six types: cloisonne or hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, die struck pins, printed pins, die cast pins and photo etched pins. For generally designs, the moulds of lapel pins are created by the process called die struck. For the complex ones with 3D looking, die cast process can make the moulds. Lapel pins are generally needed by organizations and teams as unique items to show who they are. Tuoder is a professional custom lapel pins manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable lapel pins supplier and wholesale lapel pins at low cost, we are the best choice for you!


cloisonne lapel pins

Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Cloisonne pins are also called hard enamel lapel pins, have the highest quality and greatest value in all of lapel pins. The perfect metalworking technique used on these lapel pins is called cloisonne which is developed from ancient China, well known in the world. The area enclosed by raised lines on the lapel pins are filled with hard enamels with different colors. Each enamel is a powdered glass-like mixture in the beginning, and then fired at 1600 degrees to be melted into the recesses. Cloisonne lapel pins own a lustrous polished appearance just like fine jewelries, will be one of the best choices for you to leave a great first impression in the mind of your new customers or members.

soft enamel lapel pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Soft enamel pins are very suitable for the designs with defined lines and clearly separated colors. There will be obvious concave-convex unevenness on their surface. Recessed areas on the lapel pins are the place to be filled with soft enamels, any color based on the Pantone Matching System is available. Raised areas around the colorful enamels can be plated with kinds of metal and then polished. Both the recessed and raised areas are created according to the design by the process of stamping. Finally, soft enamels lapel pins will be fired in a kiln for a long-lasting finish. A clear epoxy coating can be added on these enamel lapel pins to get a higher degree of protection.

die struck lapel pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die struck pins provide a best stage for the designs needn’t any enamel color. Anything on these lapel pins will be showed by the original colors of metals. Compared with enamel ones, die struck lapel pins also have raised and recessed areas after stamped, but no enamel will be filled into the enclosed parts. The whole lapel pins can be plated with kinds of metals to have different colors. The raised areas will be highly polished and the recessed areas can be treated with a matte finish that can offer a much better contrast effect for the design. If you want the lapel pins with a strong sense of metal, die struck pins will be your best choice.

printed lapel pins

Printed Lapel Pins

Printed pins have colorful designs printed on their entire surface. There are two kinds of printing processes used in producing printed lapel pins according to different designs. One is called silk screen printing and another is called offset printing. Silk screen is generally used to print the simple designs with solid colors like company logos; Offset printing is used to print the designs with complex structures and gradational patterns like real photos. There will be an epoxy dome added on the printed side of the lapel pin, to provide protection for the printing.

die cast lapel pins

Die Cast Lapel Pins

Die cast pins can be created with a real 3D structure, are the perfect choice for complicated designs which have multiple surface levels at different angles. To make these lapel pins, a mould should be pre-created according to the design. In the next process, molten metal will be poured into the mould under a high pressure to fill all space fully. Because of this, the lapel pins will have a clean and smooth surface, also accurate details. Through above processes, the original shapes have come out, the final things are to plate the die cast lapel pins and add enamels on them.

photo etched lapel pins

Photo Etched Lapel Pins

Photo etched pins are very suitable for the complex or large designs with kinds of details. The image of design will be transferred from photographic negative onto the surface of a metal sheet. To guarantee a long lasting time, the designs are etched into the metal by the acid-reaction process. After that, all of the acids and impurities should be removed carefully. Next, etched lapel pins will be cut out from the metal sheet in the shape as required, then polished and plated. Enamels are filled into the indentations created by the acid etching process using different sized syringes. The lapel pins is then fired at 450 degree for about 15 minutes to get attached and stable colors.

Custom Details

Please send us the document which can show your design. It can be anything like a photo, a picture or a document created by software like Ai. Even an idea is available, we can work it out. We will make a proof for the lapel pins according to your design or idea, work together with you to get the perfect one which is what you want.

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