Custom T-shirts

T-shirts Wholesale: Generally, the MOQ is 100pcs for these custom t-shirts. Please see the price in this page or tell us the t-shirt type you want, logo to be printed, the quantity you need and the country we should ship to. Accordingly, we can accumulate the cost and then give you the quotation. See how to customize t-shirts


custom t-shirts

Printed T-shirts (cotton, 200gsm)

100pcs: 580usd; Free shipping to Southeast Asia, EU, US

T-shirts are one of the most common clothes people wear in warm springs and hot summers. They are generally made of cotton fabric, have the advantages of sweat absorption, breathable, soft, cool and very comfortable for wear. It is said the earliest t-shirts were worn by the workers who did job at the tea docks of Annapolis harbor in America. The pronunciation of tee and tea is same, so people called the clothes tee-shirts at that time. After some time, the name was simplified to t-shirts and tee. Today, t-shirts become more and more fashionable to meet the lastest requirements. All details can be customized including colors, sizes and printing. Many groups and organizations choose custom t-shirts as their team clothes to show they are together.

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