To Be The Best Silicone Wristbands Manufacturer

Silicone wristbands are one of our main products, also the earliest product we produce since established. As a silicone wristbands manufacturer, we pay attention on each process in the producing. To guarantee the quality, we use the best silicone material and build professional team to control the production. After producing, we also have the QC department to check the quality of each silicone wristband, guarantee our customers can receive the best products. In these years, we pay more attention at the market of outside whose amount has been over a half of our total sales amount.

Not only provide silicone wristbands for business, we also use them to do something helpful for the society. We think it is a necessary and important responsibility for a local company like us. And, we have the ability to do this because we are a silicone wristbands manufacturer. We held a activity in 2014 year to help the old men with dementia, lasted from 10/9 to 25/9. We help them to find their home when they are lost. How to do this? We got a good idea from our yellow color silicone wristbands. We made about 20000 pieces yellow color silicone wristbands with a debossed cross, and then sent them to the old men with dementia in our city. The old men who get the free silicone wristbands should put a small piece of paper with their address details and contact information of their family into the debossed cross. When people find old men who are lost, they can find the paper in the wristbands and help them to find their home or get in touch with their families. The activity is very successful, we got a lot of thanks from the families who received the help.

Someone have a doubt that which type silicone wristbands are the best sale ones. We can give the accurate answer to it as the manufacturer. The sales condition of these years shows us the color filled debossed ones are most popular. Because not just the bands have a color, the debossed part also can be filled with colorful inks. These lead the color filled debossed silicone wristbands to be quite beautiful, just like a artwork. Another possible reason is most people like the feeling of debossed massage.

If you want to find a professional silicone wristbands manufacturer, just contact us!

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